In doctor’s offices, urgent cares and emergency rooms all over the country, doctors are driven by metrics focused on increasing efficiency and revenue. So they’re churning through as many patients as physically possible to improve that bottom-line. Meanwhile, patients get there 4-6 minutes of facetime with the doctor…..


Patient-focused healthcare for all is CEC’s aspiration!


CEC is committed to focusing on the patient and providing the highest quality pediatric healthcare at your convenience. Dr. Garg is board-certified, has 7 years of specialty training in pediatrics and emergency medicine, and 10+ years of experience in children’s hospital emergency rooms. That’s the quality CEC brings into your home with every house-call. Diagnosis and treatment provided on the comfort of your living room sofa. The convenience and comfort of concierge medicine means eliminating interruptions to your work schedule, drudging through inclement weather, long ques in waiting rooms, and exposing healthy children to germs lingering in doctor’s offices. Now you can continue to work or take care of your family in the comfort of your own home while you wait for a pediatric specialist to arrive. And you can rest assured Dr. Garg will spend as much time as needed with you and your child.


At CEC, we believe parents should focus on taking care of their child rather than worrying about how much the doctor visit is going to cost them. So we’re also committed to clear and transparent billing. There’s a flat rate for home visits with set prices for any treatments or tests done at home. Payment is handled at the end of the visit so no more surprise bills weeks or months later. The direct pay model keeps overhead and administrative costs low and the savings are passed onto the patient family. Direct pay also provides each family opportunity to make their own decisions about their healthcare and not be dictated by insurance companies. We encourage families to focus on your sick or injured child which is best for their overall recovery. 


Even though CEC brings 21st century medicine to your doorstep, we’re keeping our values simple and old-fashioned:  quality, convenience, and transparency is how we do business!